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Fix Your Concrete Driveway

Are you needing to fix your concrete driveway?

Most driveways face the front and are exposed for everyone to see. For this reason, we often want to be sure that they are presentable for residents, guests and those who pass by. The main reason for fixing driveways and concrete cracks is to prevent moisture from building up and entering the cracks. Increased curb appeal is but a secondary benefit of improving the overall appearance of your property.

Prior to beginning any repair, time should be allotted to identify what is causing the problem to begin with.

Assessing the surrounding area may help in discovery of the culprits at hand. Common troubles that can result in concrete cracks include growing tree roots, impact damage, and overloading with weight. One of the most prevalent causes of cracks in concrete is water seepage. Standing water works down in the cracks and then will expand and contract in accordance with the temperatures.

Before you begin to fix a concrete driveway, figure out how to eliminate the source of the problem. Further damage prevention is critical to the success of repairs. The size of the crack will help determine the methods used to fix the situation. Previously the only real hope for cracked and weatherworn surfaces involved a jackhammer and bulldozer. Thanks to the marvels of modern technology, there are now more practical methods that can be activated to optimize results while minimizing repair costs.

The professionals at LCI Concrete LLC are available to give a no cost evaluation and provide expert advice on the best repair or replacement approach. The company has been servicing the Tulsa area for near ten years, and has achieved ratings of A with Angie’s List and the Better Business Bureau. Let the sweat equity and burden of protection fall to those in the know. Do not delay; call today at 918-960-1440 and put a stop to your driveway decay.