LCI Concrete Contractor

Here’s what some of our customers say.

“Thirty four years we’ve lived in this house and envisioned what it would be like to have gradual ramps instead of steps, to have a driveway that when it rains, water flows away from the house not towards it.  In two days you made 34 years worth of dreaming a reality!  Thank you we couldn’t be happier! Mike & Kathy M.”

Welcome to LCI Concrete LLC serving the Tulsa Metro area.  We specialize in DRIVEWAYS.  If your driveway is in need of replacement or you would like some decorative scoring on your driveway give us a call.  We have been in business since 2005.  Our team has over 70 years of combined experience.  In the past two years we’ve done over $1,000,000 in driveway replacements.  We have over 100 addresses for your viewing.  Our goal is to make you happy and make your new product look as though we’ve never been there.  A concrete driveway gives your house’s first impression.  An old cracked driveway can not only be unsightly but also dangerous.  We use rebar in all of our concrete driveways, sidewalks and even our patios.  Thank you for giving us an opportunity. We serve the residential market.

I’ve been a resident of the Tulsa Metro area for over 20 years.  My wife and I have been married for over 16 years.  I attended NSU and she’s an ORU alumni.  We have 4 beautiful children and an exciting life…as you can imagine! I’ve been self employed for over 17 years and my prior Corporate America background was with HP and MCIWorldcom.


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